Monday, November 28, 2005

Last week of class, people! Last week: woowoowoo! Next week is the last of my exams, and I should be completely finished with all commitments by next Wednesday afternoon (I *should* be at least). Of course this week is pretty insane, what with finishing up lots of my clients, turning in final drafts of reports, final conferences, last neuro homework, neuro comprehensive exam (d'oh) and fluency "skills test," which is more like a monster homework assignment. Today was what was supposed to be my last day o' nothing, but it was pretty busy with observations, meetings, and a rescheduled client. I've taken to making excel documents that list all of my to-do items, which is helpful, but also not a little depressing.

But Thanksgiving break was good. I found time to relax as well to work away at the upcoming stuff of this week. Thanksgiving evening Todd and I went to Megan and Laura's for dinner, which was a good alternative to going home. Although the talk of the honey ham that my family was having made me salivate, Laura and Megan and their roommate kicked some major ass with their spread. There were about 15 people there, many of whom were experiencing their first Thanksgiving: it was pretty awesome. So awesome that we left at 9 and I went back and promptly went to bed. I should also mention that Laura and Megan's roommates family came from NY to join in the festivities and brought their hilarious Boston terrier with the meanest wall eye that you've ever encountered. He was the best.

Besides that and studying we also found time to see a show at the Empty Bottle (Rogue Wave?) and making some homemade spaghetti and meatballs, catch up on a few phone calls, and other assorted things. Right now I'm living for the small pleasures (sleep and lots of it, damn it all), home brewed coffee, and hot piping mugs of herbal tea. This quarter has been quite good in terms of experience, but it's lots and lots of work and I look forward to long winter break when I don't have to feel guilty when I'm not doing work.

Monday, November 21, 2005

"Cheaters" come alive!
Kevin has an awesome blog post about a real-life Cheaters type incidence at his workplace. It's awesome, people.
"easy week"
These two and a half day weeks are so misleading! I was all relaxed on Sunday thinking about how on Wednesday afternoon the week would be over and Thanksgiving holiday would be upon us. Ah, I am a naive young lass. This week is goddamned jam-packed. what is that about?? I've got another neuro test tomorrow and four clients crammed into two days and it's sucking, dudes. I can taste the end of the quarter (in three weeks!) but then it's...three weeks away. Yes, i'm officially in complainer mood now. I did get my Taste Number One of Thanksgiving when I went with Todd to partake in his family's big pre-Thanksgiving dinner get-together. Yummy. I was proud of myself to leave without feeling like I was going to bust a gut. It's the little things.

Oh, and other news. So remember how I was hollering about how Laura and I got onto Food Network tv on the show "eat this"? Well, apparently it's an online show only. A "web only exclusive" in fact! This episode is on chocolate, but I think that Laura and I will be on the one about specialty meats which is one of the upcoming weeks. You can recognize the Chicago parts because Dave Lieberman is wearing a green shirt.

Okay, time to get back to lesson planning and neuro.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

All Limbs Intact is playing tonight at the Elbo Room! I cannot attend (sadly) since I have an evening client, but you Chicago people looking for something to do should go and see Todd whale (wail?) on the guitar.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

One week later...
I've been lax with the blogging lately. During the weeks I'm running around like a crazy woman trying to get all of my planning and homework done and during the weekends it's all that I can do to recuperate from the preceding week. This week I get 13 clinical hours which is my most yet (usually, you're lucky if you get over five). I ain't complaining, but the's a lot. We have three more weeks left to the quarter which seems so short, but also seems so very long. I'll get through it, but I'll have to go on autopilot and not think about the looming work too much.

Rather than bore everyone to tears in discussing school much more, I need to report that this past weekend was a good one. I tagged along with Todd on Saturday to appear in the background of a video his friend's band was filming at The Mutiny, Chicago's best dive bar. We got there at 1pm, and there was quite a collection of people sitting in the dark, immersed in smoke, enjoying the karaoke that starts at 9 a.m. on some mornings. They were filming the video at the back bar, though. It was a play on that awesome show, "Elimidate," and the storyline featured Emily (Todd's friend/bandmate from another band) going on a lousy date with an aviator-glasses wearing dude. Todd got to make his video debut by being the drunken leerer who stumbles over to Emily, makes a grab for her goods, by being left at the bar puzzled and sad. Oscar quality, I tell you.

That night we had a dinner party with Pam and Dave and Pam's beau which was a lot of fun. And then the next day we were off to Wilmington where I attended Todd's sister in law's baby shower.

Okay, it's time to hit the hay. The wind is howling outside right now and tomorrow there's talk of wet snow. Gah!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bits and pieces
First of all, as I saw on the news today, the Kansas school board okayed new public school science standards that promotes "intelligent design." Whoa, what year is this? It was a 6-4 win. 6-4, people.

Second of all, Honda Civic tops the list of most stolen cars again. The thieves have good taste; I love my Honda Civic. Number two is apparently the 1994 Dodge Caravan. I can't really speak to that one.

Thirdly, Tuesday is over. Tomorrow's Hump Day. Hooray! We have another day-long school screening tomorrow, but the week is less stressful since it's mid-term free. We do have another neuro homework assigment though which can be akin to what I imagine birth feels like (hours and hours long, some pain involved and moral support is appreciated). BUT, we muddled through the tough part of that one yesterday so hopefully that one will be a downhill slide from here.

The weekend was nice but fleeting. We joined a big group to go bowling at the Diversey Rock and Bowl on Saturday night. After a quiet day of the sounds of the washer/dryer going in the background the pumping hitz and black lights of the bowling alley was a bit jarring at first, but I quickly adjusted and then geared up for a sweet bowling game where I didn't suck quite as much as usual. I still came in dead last, but I did break 60, which is A-1 in my book. The Rock and Bowl (bon mot!) wasn't quite the hands-down deal of the Fort Myers bowling alley is, but we can't have it all, can we? We all went out for a single drink at the Blue Line in Wicker Park afterward which is another place I always see but never enter. It was actually very chill and quiet for a late Saturday night so I give it a thumb's up.

Sunday was what I was looking forward to all week since Todd and I celebrated one year of dating by having a extremely lovely dinner at Cafe Matou, a French place on Milwaukee Ave. I suggested it since it was close to his place and the menu looked awesome as were the reviews that I saw. I had the duck and Todd had the steak with butter as a garnish. It was a rich meal, but not entirely gut-busting, and totally worth it.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Congratulations... Robin for winning 10 grand in a poker tournament today! And a free entry and travel/lodging to a big doozy of a tournament in the Caribbean. But despite the heady effects of victory, he's still Robin as shown by the following exchange:

R: The first prize at the Caribbean tournament is something like $600,000.
Me: That's awesome! If you win, then will you help me to pay off my student loans?
R: No.
Me: Come on!
R: If I win, I'm going to do everything in my power to make your life suck, because I'll finally have all the money I need to do so.

I love my older brother.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

New link!
So a most awesome school mate of mine has a blog called Intrepid News. It's full of interesting news and links to articles for the liberal set. I'm adding the link to my regular list, but you can check out the blog now if you like.

I would also like to thank this same classmate for introducing me to orange flavored Trident. Oh, citrus Trident, where have you been all of my life?
I managed to complete what may have been one of the busiest weeks of my grad school career thus far. I am proud to say that I got through, and that I didn't suffer too much stress or too little sleep. A little recap:

Monday: meeting on campus and then studying for tests on Thursday
Tuesday: class all morning and then two clients in the afternoon.
Wednesday: all day school screenings and then back to campus for my late evening client
Thursday: 8-9:30 a.m. meeting for audiology info (another lecture about cochlear implants; I expect that I may be an expert by this point). Two back to back midterms. Then home visits with a supervisor till 7.
Friday: lab, meeting, and then last client of the week. Also news of a brand new client.

It was a reasonably good week, though. And now the weekend. I'm planted in front of the tv watching Todd's HBO OnDemand while I use his washer and dryer. I'm not going to do any homework today either, which is going to be awesome.