Monday, June 28, 2004

It's busy at work, but of course I have to find some time to post. It was a fun weekend of visits, reunions, excess, and gorgeous weather. It was great to see both Bill and Tom, and it was fun to sit outside and have s'mores with them.

In the meantime, I'm off for vacation today. It will most likely be quiet from this front, so have a good couple of weeks, everyone!

Friday, June 25, 2004

Cheney and the F-Bomb
I started laughing this morning when I read this Washington Post article about how Dick Cheney responded to Senator Leahy's comments on his connections to Halliburton. I love the Post writers who described it as Cheney uttering a "big-time obscenity." Ha! Also, Go the Post for reporting:

"Fuck yourself," said the man who is a heartbeat from the presidency.

And also:

As it happens, this exchange occurred on the same day the Senate passed legislation described as the "Defense of Decency Act" 99 to 1.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Sweet Valley Sweetness
This is an excellent article about Sweet Valley High and all of its lessons. I assume that there were other ladies (and gents?) in the house who cut their reading teeth on this "literature"? I love how they were "created" by Francine Pascal, but it never seemed like anyone got credit for writing the damn things. I used to buy these by the dozens at one of the markets in Pakistan back in 1986 (isn't it crazy they these were sold there? The other things I bought in bulk were Archie comics. Pakistan rocks!). All I know is that Jessica was a major bitch, and I could never understand how Elizabeth kept on cutting her slack. Plus, I remember that while the twins looked the same on all of the covers, Elizabeth's boyfriend, Todd, looked different on various covers, which bothered me a lot. Yeah, I didn't have a whole lot to fret about. (via pcjm)

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

This article is about overweight pets in Florida. Featured is Pumpkin the Chihuahua, who had 3/4 lb of fat removed from her hips. Awesome.

Here's the story of Maggie, the lab:

The treats had to go when Maggie, Cathy Matthews' yellow Lab, began packing on weight after surgery last year. Maggie had stepped on broken glass, so after surgery she couldn't walk. She mainly sat on a pillow and got pampered. And fat. Once she healed, she couldn't run around, because she got tired, Matthews said.

The article concludes:

"A lot of times you don't realize the pounds are creeping on," Prendergast said. "And we tend to think animals look cute when they're a little chubby. But it can affect their health and their life span, so we have to be in control of their weight."

If that means Pumpkin doesn't get her cookies, then that's how it has to be.

I am totally guilty of thinking that overweight animals are scrumptious. I remember watching some 20/20 type show that featured the obesity problem in pets, and I nearly lost it.

There was apparently a big hoo-hah in Florida because a teacher showed portions of the movie, "Amelie," to his film class. Some mom was freaking out about it. Read about it here.
So through some confusion, it turns out that our return trip from China is going to be two days later than we had originally planned for. We had thought that we were going to be flying into LA on the 11th, hang around LA for a couple of days, and then return to DC on the 13th. I took the 13th off and was slated to head back into the office on the 14th. NOW, it looks like we're getting to LA on the 13th, and then we're going to stay the night and then come back to DC on the red-eye on the 14th. We arrive in the airport at 5:30 in the morning. I'm still going to head into work (I can't take another day off for a variety of reasons, one of which is that I am flat-out of vacation by the end of the trip). That day at work is going to be PURE comedy.
Prizes and stuff
I went again with Annie and her friends, Leslie and Paul, to Drag Queen Bingo again last night. It was even better this time since Annie got reservations and we were seated right in front and had prime viewing spots; last time we had the nosebleeds and had to crane around a column to check out the action. Last time, Annie won Drag Queen Jeopardy, with such hard cracking questions like: "What's the name of Jessica Simpson's husband?"

This time, she won proper bingo and picked out a big package wrapped in green paper as her prize. It turned out to be a bar set, complete with martini glasses with zig-zaggy stems--very fancy. Annie was very generous and turned around and gave the set to me, since she assures me that she has more bar glasses than she can handle and I'll need a starter set. I told her that I would put her initials on each glass in paint pen (a la sorority stylings) and toast her every time a glass is used. I'm so tacky, that I'll probably be using those glasses to drink my Diet Coke. I was very touched by the gift, though.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hot Pleather
This whole article is about how noone bought stuff put up for auction by Bon Jovi's old bassist (Suchs, for those in the know...if it's pronounced with a hard "c," that is one funny name). Apparently, his 1960 MGA Roadster convertible went for $7500.


There were a few fans of the New Jersey-based band on hand -- notably, Pam and Chauncey Cozine from Middletown, who went home Saturday with $1,525 worth of Such's keepsakes, including a Fender bass guitar played and signed by Such, and the 1992 "Keep the Faith" album's double platinum records.

"We've been fans of Bon Jovi's since his big-hair days in the 1980s," said Pam Cozine. "I thought they were going to sell everything here for a lot more. I didn't think we'd get anything."

When Chauncey handed her seven pairs of fake-leather "pleather" pants worn by Such on tour and in videos, she groaned.

"I hope this isn't my birthday present."


At age 52, Such is divorced and childless, and admits he doesn't need a lot of property at this point in his life. Although Teen Beat once called him the "wild one" in the band, he has considered settling down with his girlfriend, Karin Konrad, 35.

Contented Cows
This article talks about how creepy happy people are: deluded Stepford Wives type automons waddling around. I love this part:

There is one bit of the world that happy people do see in an irrationally rosy light: themselves. As the British psychologist Richard P. Bentall has observed, ''There is consistent evidence that happy people overestimate their control over environmental events (often to the point of perceiving completely random events as subject to their will), give unrealistically positive evaluations of their own achievements, believe that others share their unrealistic opinions about themselves and show a general lack of evenhandedness when comparing themselves to others.'' Indeed, Bentall has proposed that happiness be classified as a psychiatric disorder.
(via tmn)

Monday, June 21, 2004

Some Kind of Monster
We saw a preview for the new documentary on Metallica over the weekend. I also think it's playing in DC at the AFI's documentary festival, but I'm not sure. This article makes me totally want to watch it, even though I've never been a fan of the band.
Weekend Jaunt
Ah, it was a lovely weekend in the Big Apple. Anne and I went to go and see Grace, and we spent two full days walking around the city, lazing in Central Park, stepping in and out of various eateries and bars, and soaking up the absolutely criminaly beautiful weather. It was sunshiney and warm, but not hot, and the sky was blue, blue, blue. Unbelievable. It was my first time ever visiting Central Park as well. Grace took us to Sheeps Meadow (is that right?) and we lay halfway under the shade of a big tree, the New York skyline looming before us. It was the stuff of movie backgrounds, y'all. It was a good time, but we returned late last night, and I basically hit the ground running this morning. Since it's now SEVEN DAYS until I leave for vacation, I want to make sure all of my office work is taken care of so I can enjoy China with a clear conscience.

Success, as well: I came away from my doctor's visit today clutching my medical forms that are all filled out and ready to be mailed to school. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get them filled out in time. I was also lucky enough to get a booster shot for diptheria (whatever that is), which is always a goddamn fine time. I'm happy to report that my cholesterol reading was good as well--I was wondering if eating all of these eggs that I do on SBD would have a negative effect, but the doctor told me that I could go on eating my weight in eggs. Cool, because then I would be absolutely flummoxed over breakfast options in the mornings.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

That was one day o' busyness. I'm happy to report that it's ending, but my brain feels like mashed potatoes: lumpy and soft.
Okay, time to leave.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

From this week's The Onion

Mugger Can't Believe Crap Victim Has On MP3 Player

BOSTON—Following the successful mugging of a jogger in Franklin Park, petty criminal Derek Mesker announced Monday that he cannot believe the shit he's found on his victim's Philips 20GB MP3 player. "3 Doors Down? Maroon 5!" Mesker said, scrolling through the songs. "The new Counting Crows?! Man, I'm glad I pistol-whipped that motherfuck." Mesker added that the first thing he did was toss the device's "gay-ass" teal neoprene case.
Celebrity Sighting!
Grace, the birthday girl, sent us another celebrity run-in report. If you'll remember, Grace kindly offered to feed me stories of her encounters as they occur, so I can live vicariously through her and experience that voyeuristic thrill. I'm all US Magazine.

Kristin, a long overdue celebrity siting for you. Meg Ryan Siting Part
Deux: I passed by Meg Ryan today as I was walking around NoLita. She was all by herself walking in a flurried zig-zag manner. What caught my eye was actually the crazy multicolored shirt she was wearing with high-waisted soccer mom jeans. Very off. Maybe she's rehearsing for a role, who knows. Her lips didn't look as puffed up as in the gossip rags. Time for another botox injection? This is actually my second time running into Meg. The first time was much more interesting. It was about two years ago, in a neighborhood cafe. She sat down at a table right next to me with none other than Jane Campion and Jennifer Jason-Leigh. They were rehearsing lines for the movie "In the Cut" which premiered later that year. Anyone seen this movie? I haven't but Mark Ruffalo wouldn't be a bad reason to see it.

Difficulty Concentrating I had to check out more Slate. Here is an article about the AICP award show (Association of Independent Commercials Producers). Apparently, this awards show is a little hipper than the better known Clios. Many of the commericals mentioned, I haven't seen, but they did namedrop one of my favorite commericals of last year: that HP commercial that played The Cure's "Pictures of You." Here's what the article said about it:

And HP won honors in visual style, for a digital photography ad set to the song "Pictures of You" by the Cure. (One woman at the show, who works as a film editor on ads, told me this was her favorite spot of the year because the imagery and music are "incredibly romantic.")

Amen, sister. Anyway, I'm glad that HP got their due.

You so fine, girl.
Love, The Jazz
Mugshot Mania
Thanks to Steve who sent me the link to The Smoking Gun's favorite mugshots of Regular Joes. Quite priceless (and a bit sad).

That reminds me of when we were in Omaha. Steve and I treked out of the hotel to find a convenience store to buy some beer (klassy). Beside the register, there was a big bulletin board filled with Polaroids tacked up. They were pictures of various people looking caught unawares. The photos were taken from various distances, of a whole array of people and ages: it was almost avant-garde. On closer examination, we saw that the clerks were taking shots of people who were caught shop-lifting, and the perpetrators were then displayed for all to see.
Ten Questions for David Sedaris on


I've been keeping diaries for 27 years. For the most part, it's just garbage, so I go through them, take whatever's good and make a master list. In the summer of 1984, I've got on June 23 that I saw a drunk woman drop her baby. And then an episode of Oprah that was particularly good on July 3. I used to type my diary and then have it bound. Now I print it out. I do one every season, and it has to have a seasonal cover. It's a lot of work for something no one's ever going to see.


My former boyfriend read it once, and he was mainly mad because he wasn't in it. I said, "Yes, you are." Then I looked, and he wasn't mentioned. It was as if he didn't exist. If you read somebody's diary, you get what you deserve.
Things are strangely busy right now. It's come on in this sudden onslaught and I'm all, "wha' happened?" It's mostly because I trying to squash four-five weeks of stuff into two weeks, since I'm attempting to get everything wrapped up while I'm on vacation. But the countdown is on: twelve days till vacation.
Another Good One
I watched "The Station Agent" last night, which I recommend. Peter Dinklage, who is the main character, is pretty G.D. great. I love his dry, stoic deliveries. He was also in "Living in Oblivion," apparently, which is another movie I like. Anyway, Netflix "The Station Agent" when you get a chance.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Post-Reagan Week
The building's ice cream social is today, now that we're done with national grieving. WOOOO!

I actually have a lot of work right now. In the next two weeks, I'm trying to wrap up all of this stuff before I leave for an nice, long, communication-free vacation. I want to be able to enjoy myself with a clean conscience so I'm trying to cover all of my bases.

I also just spent a good solid hour filling out more financial aid forms. I think I might be making some progress, however I still need to find out how to check my school email address that I hadn't known existed. I feel like I've missed some memos along the way. Baby steps, y'all, baby steps.

Monday, June 14, 2004

This is great. Unexplained Snacks of America. For example:


This one… I have no idea. They eat it in The Shawshank Redemption so I can guess it’s from the southern U.S. and it’s probably some kind of food for the poor and downtrodden. So is it just what it sounds like? Are you just sitting in front of a bowl full of grit – basically just bits of rock – and spooning gravel into your mouths? Do you put sugar on it? I don’t even know if it’s a savory or sweet meal of pebbles. Unless you’re that guy from The Neverending Story, it’s simple – don’t eat rocks.

Educated guess: Maybe a cereal byproduct – like porridge, but with texture.

Instant assumption: A mouthful of sand.

On Saturday, Matt and Lindsay told us over the brunch table about a snack experience while in New Orleans for Jazz Fest last month. Lindsay, who usually eats vegetarian, decided to sample a little meat that weekend in the spirit of things. One of the first things that they purchased was a bag of "Cracklin'," something that they thought to be deep-fried pork. After trying a couple of them, they decided to chuck the sack in favor of finding something else to eat. Recently, while Matt was waiting in line at a gas station here, he saw a bag of "Cracklin'" for sale. They were advertised as "DEEP FRIED PORK FAT."

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Ten Years Later
In the trend of touching base with old friends, I spoke on Saturday with an old friend from high school, Tom. I knew Tom since he was the boyfriend of one of my best friends back then, Lauren. Lauren went off to Vassar and is now happily married in Portland, but I lost track of Tom right after graduation. I do have his old dictionary, though, so every time I open it, I see his name written on the front page in blue ball point cursive script. Anyway, through the magic on Friendster, I got in touch with Tom again and happily will be able to grab a drink with him in a couple of weeks when he comes through DC for business. It was great catching up with him on the phone, since Tom was always an easy talker, and we had ten years to catch up on as well as a report on the ten year reunion that I missed last month.

Tom told me that the reunion was a good, redemptive experience for him. He reported that things kicked off on Friday night when the class of 1994 gathered for drinks at the house of one of the day students back then, whose family lived virtually on campus. He said that you could separate people between East Coast vs. West Coast (the bulk of people being the former). The West Coast tended to be jean-clad and more casual, whereas the East Coast were much more well-dressed. Tom said that there was a lot of khakis worn as well, in true prep school tradition.

Here are three things that we decided that Tom should have done at the party:

1. Worn sweat pants.

2. Asked one of the khaki-clad people if they were working at Kinko's now.

3. Asked someone, sans irony, if they thought if he and Lauren still had a chance.

If only...
Kill me now
I've spent the last three hours going through the many, many forms and instructions and web pages on applying for financial aid. The good news is that I think I've managed to fill out the first of the correct forms to send in on Monday. The bad news is that there appears to be no less than ten other forms to look at and fill out, after figuring out whether I need them or not. I am particularly flummoxed over the discovery that once I apply all updates will be sent to my school email address. I found my school email address online (who knew it existed!), but I have no clue how to access it. Awesome.

No kidding, the following is from one forms regarding financial aid from the Graduate School. The boldface is their own:

The Paper Chase:

There is bound to be some confusion in this process. The first rule is do no panic!

Friday, June 11, 2004

My poor boss, they found her car sitting on Georgia Avenue. Or rather, they found her shell of her car. it was completely excavated of its seats, paneling, wiring, radio knobs, etc. What they left: a box of kleenex, an Atlas, ONE of her two pairs of sunglasses, and (hilariously) her car club.

The most amusing thing that they took: her VISUALIZE WORLD PEACE sticker that was propped up in the back window.
As Anne alluded to in her blog, the Ray Charles passing is being a bit overshadowed by Reagan Week. Both times I caught news pieces about his death, they featured the time that Ray Charles sang at Reagan inauguration....because it is all about Reagan, you silly goose.
The Washington Post this morning cut through their Reagan coverage to do a story on a German border collie named Rico who knows 200 words. He's so clever!

In the first experiment, the researchers put 10 of Rico's toys in one room and Rico and his owner in another. The investigators then instructed the owner to order Rico to fetch two randomly selected items. As Rico ran into the other room and began searching for the items, he could not have picked up any hints from his owner because the owner was out of sight.
In 40 tests, Rico got it right 37 times, demonstrating he had a vocabulary comparable to dolphins, apes, sea lions and parrots that have undergone extensive training.

I love the photo of Rico hanging out with big yellow Pikachu in his mouth.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Jim Anchower's All About Living Life to the Fullest.
I LOVE this series. Here's the latest. A portion:

It just goes to show you that you never know when it'll be your time to go. One second you're on the phone trying to win $500, the next you have an axle through your lungs. Well, after hearing about Dan, I decided that Jim Anchower is gonna live every day like it's his last. No more wishing I'd drank that MGD, smoked that bowl, or punched that guy. It's all gonna be balls-out from now on.
Finally, finally, finally
Last night I received "City of God" from Netflix. I have been waiting for this movie to come out on dvd ever since it left the theaters a year ago (it had a brief come-back around Oscar time, but I missed it then as well). I promptly popped it into the dvd player and settled in for the ride. It's wild and wooly (about as violent as your average "Sopranos" episode), and great. I highly recommend it, if you like a good stylized crime saga. At the end there was some brief information about it being based on real people, but unfortunately, there wasn't more info about it in the special features. There WAS a documentary about the state of the drug wars in the favelas in Brazil, which was pretty intriguing. If you dig this kind of movie, you also might want to check out "Pixote" about street kids in Brazil from 1981. The amazing thing about that movie is that the kid who played Pixote was an actual street kid, and did an impressive job. That is a particularly brutal movie, though, so be warned.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Update on Reagan Week and how it affects me
Our building's Ice Cream Social was rescheduled today because of Reagan Week. Bah!
Wednesday's Word(s) that I love and vow to use more often
small beer, noun:
1. Weak beer.
2. Insignificant matters; something of little importance.
Liberal Leave
The DC and federal government is pulling out all of the stops for Reagan Week. The governments are allowing liberal leave starting at 2 pm today so people can get the hell out of Dodge, and then everyone else and their mother seems to be closed on Friday. Easter Seals? No. Actually, it sounds like Des is the only one of my friends who's free that day that I know of, lucky girl. Anyway, I'm kind of amazed over the huge to-do on the funeral procession and stuff. They're expecting people to turn up in hordes, all to glimpse a casket. Maybe I'm too lazy or irreverent or both to be willing to wait in line for hours to do so.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I just read my dad's comment on the piece about the bathroom painting. For those who haven't checked it out, it's as follows. Awesome.

I, with appropriate parental concern, urge you to devote some time to thinking about how to do all this. The idea of "not enough time" is simply not acceptable. This is not just a story for the amusement of your friends -- this is a test of your character, to say nothing of a contribution to your role in the annals of this family. I've bought two books on painting. Let's talk.

Pater, Father of Monkeys

Dad, what's the "Pater" come from?
I am a winner
I was watching the Lakers game with my roommate, Matt, tonight (more specifically, I was distracting him from the Lakers game), when the camera flashed on John Cusack in the crowd. Matt commented that John was looking a bit swollen, but I protested, as John is always foxy, swollen or not. We started debating over John's age: I thought he was in his late 30s and Matt thought he had to be over 40. A bet was made, and a dinner at La Piazza was the prize. I just IMDBed him, and Mr. Cusack was born in 1966, meaning that he is a cool 38. It's hard always being right.
Bathroom Project
Okay, so my parents are redoing the bathroom on the first floor of their house. Originally, their bedroom had a small bathroom off of it, and then next door was this oversized bathroom containing a toilet, sink, and a huge mirror with this extra-loud red plaid wallpaper. The effect of the wallpaper and the mirror gave the room a very "Clockwork Orange" feel, which isn't the most pleasant thing when one is trying to relieve oneself.

Anyway, when everything is said and done with the remodeling, my parents will have a much larger bathroom off of the master bedroom and the guest bathroom (formerly overly-sized Clockwork Orange experience) will now be smaller and more cozy, befitting a toilet/sink only deal.

My dad has asked me to lend a hand and paint a mural of sorts in this new guest bathroom. We brainstormed over ideas, and his first round were extremely ambitious, to say the least (try The Sistine Chapel), but now we've settled into more "doable" options (the quotations connote my mild dubiousness over the ability to pull this off). Last night over dinner we honed it down to three, likely settling on one. These are the options that I find the most interesting:

1.) Alice in Wonderland - finding the original artwork and redoing various images of it on various parts of the walls. I dig the idea of the Cheshire cat hanging out in the upper corner.
2.) A reproduction of a Diego Rivera painting/mural
3.) (Probable Winner) A reproduction of a Magritte. I was thinking in particular of "le Fils de l'homme" (Son of Man), maybe his most famous image of the bowler-hatted guy with the apple.

So, anyway, this is the new Mahan project, but I'm a little worried that I won't be able to devote enough time to it, and then it'll come out all shite. If that's the case, then it'll just have to be painted over.

Erik, over dinner, suggested that we paint a huge photo of him grinning widely and flashing two thumbs-up. That would be sooooo sweet, and so apropos since in that household, it is indeed all about him.
Yeah, so after like five years, I finally went and got a physical today. I need one for school, so submitted and made an appointment. It was as fun as one would expect, and I've got another appointment in two weeks time to get some necessary shots and my bloodwork results. I'm glad that Part One is over, though.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Da Burg
I went back to Williamsburg this morning to join a surprise wedding shower for our lovely Desiree. There were few wedding shower trappings, but there were several women, several pitchers of beer (I still can't get over how cheap they are still), Paul's food, and a walk around campus. The night was complete, as we encountered the campus police AND a prom at the UC. A photo was taken beside one of those monstrous Hummer limos (we chatted with a couple of prom goers to informed us that they paid $1300 for that thing, and there were only four of them! Give me that money if you're going to waste it!). The night was a ball, although we all paid for our excesses the next day (poor Des most of all).
Dave in BBC News
Okay, did you read my recent post about how my middle school friend, Dave, was cited on a Chinese blog? It turns out that on BBC news today, there's an article about his thesis on bloggers. I'm impressed.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Adventures in Taiwan
Suzi and Tom are reporting on their adventures in Taipei this summer, when they're both interning there. Enjoy!

Friday, June 04, 2004

Here's that New Yorker piece about the guy who was exonerated by "Curb Your Enthusiasm" footage. Talk about lucky.
Okay, this is a crazy small world
I was reading Salon's article about Chinese bloggers today, and was planning on posting about it. In the article, they cite a Chinese blogger named Mao Xinghua, or Isaac Mao, who apparently has become one of the premiere bloggers in China, influential and relatively well-known. Before I finished the article, I clicked over to Isaac Mao's blog to peruse and see what it was all about.

As I scrolled down Mao's blog, I saw a link to a David Huffaker, M.A. thesis about teenage blogging. Dave is the guy who was in my middle school class in Islamabad who I just recently got back in touch with after 14 years! Apparently, his Georgetown thesis is posted online. I have no idea how the this Mao guy found the link or if he knows Dave, or what, but how crazy is that?
Liquor + Paxil = Wow!
Seth Stevenson, one of my favorite contributors in Slate, did an article way back in 2001 recounting his two month experience with Paxil. From what it sounds like, he's just as shy as anyone else (doesn't like speaking in front of large groups, shy on first dates?), so it's especially interesting to hear what it's like for a normal person to use the drug. Drugs like Paxil have no appeal to me, mostly because I don't really feel like being shy in a big, new group is a hurtle I desperately need to get over, but also because I have my own drug of choice called caffeine. Ah, sweet caffeine. You make me feel so productive and energized.
The latest on "Spellbound"'s Ashley White
Were you also rooting for DC's Ashley White in the fabulous movie, "Spellbound"? The Washington Post today ran an article as to what is going on with her now. Apparently, things are a bit tough, but there is some hopeful stuff. I was trying to convince my roommate, Matt, that he needs to watch the movie, but he was fighting me on it, saying that he would feel bad for laughing. I'm netflixing it and forcing him to watch.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Lisa has a blog! Check it out, yo. She's crazy funny. Back in high school, Lisa and I got into the habit of calling one another "Hambone." I think we had watched some sort of talk show that featured a morbidly obese man named as such. This launched us into a very detailed discussion of mumuus and fried chicken, and then the name "Hambone" kinda stuck.
Bee Happy
Zack noted in an email today at the National Spelling Bee is taking place (possibly as I type?) here in Washington, DC. It's being broadcast on ESPN and ESPN2...awesome. Wonkette has a piece written by an anonymous correspondent who was banished into covering it that cracks me up.
From the depths of the cupboard
Candyboots features a collection of Weight Watchers cards from 1974. Creepy stuff, but like an accident in that you can't turn away. She took a page from the most excellent Gallery of Regrettable Food.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Another thing that I'll miss
Last night Annie and I strolled down King Street to sit by the water. It was an absolutely flawless evening: warm but not too warm, breezy, and still sunny at 7 o' clock. We settled on a bench as a cello player busked beside us (people were requesting "Love Story"--very melancholy) and watched the sailboats on the Potomac. It was so picturesque, it was almost criminal. It was a stroll-along-with-an-ice-cream-cone kind of evening. I would have picked mint chip.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sedaris Interview
Here it is. My favorite part is:

I'm doing Letterman in July. He's always very nice to me. But it will be torture. The last time I was on, my dad called me right after and said, "You looked terrible!" And on my way to the taping, some guy on the street said, "You look like s-t!" I mean, you have to look like you belong on TV - and just the effort is embarrassing. The idea that people think, "Oh my God, he consciously wore that thinking he would look good! He chose that tie! He thinks he looks good like that!"

In the mind of a third grader
Check out this site to see segments of Amy's Third Grade Diary--it's priceless.

A few years ago I stumbled across my own second and third grade diary. I painstakingly recorded daily occurrences into the little My Melody book. It had come with a lock, but I had lost it along the way, thank God. It's alarmingly like Amy's in that BOYS were a major life priority. However, my all important priority was food. Most days, I recorded what we had for dinner. If we had occasion to go out to eat, I wrote down both what I had and what my older brother ordered. It was actually kind of alarming just how much detail I devoted to the topic. Anyway, I guess that I'm maintained the same trajectory ever since, in that food and boys are close to my mind at all times, but very little is said about my life direction and goals. I should have written my grad school applications on this--what school wouldn't have wanted me?

On a happy note, though, I confirmed with Northwestern that they do indeed have me as registered for the program this fall. I had this deep-seeded fear that I would move myself halfway across the country, show up on campus on registration day, and have them go: "huh?"

Can you even imagine?