Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day Off!
We had a day off today in honor of Lincoln's Birthday. Happy Birthday, Lincoln! Our school system is the only one I know of that has today off and I am not complaining. Next Monday is off too, because of President's Day. woohoo!

The good news is that I was 75% productive today. I got lots of good and healthy groceries, I mailed off some seriously errantly late thank you notes, and I went to Target and finally got a little digital voice recorder so I can record clients and students when I want to go back and listen. I also got some more toys to use with my little guys. I had been eyeing this one set of alphabet blocks: each block (each letter) is made of clear plastic and contains an appropriate object representing said letter. For instance, the umbrella has a sweet little umbrella and little beads that you shake around the represent rain. Anyway, I finally got them today. I'm thinking that these will be a hit, because they're so interesting and so good for language stimulation. I wish you could see the little zebra for "z." I'm constantly on the look out for good toys: the problem with working with 2-year olds is that they have the attention spans of...2-year olds.

Crappy weather again today. I'm over it.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Personalized pinatas.
Beeyoutiful cake
Engagement party
Katie, Laura, and me
Party Timez
This past weekend was lots of fun. We got to see Katja and Tom and their precious little bebe on Friday night. We also happened to go and see Pinebender, one of my favorite local bands, play at this place, Ronnys, which may be one of the grodiest bars I've been in. I love dive bars too, so this says a lot.

Saturday we went out to Fogo de Chao with Todd's parents and his brother and sister-in-law, and I have never been to one of these Brazilian meat-fests before. People, it was clazy. There were something like 16 kinds of meat ready to be plied onto one's plate, and I couldn't keep up. I managed to try about five different kinds, but next time I go to this place I'm going to not eat anything else in preparation. I'm not going to skip the excellent salad bar there, even though I know that's how they save money on their customers.

Afterward was our engagement party, put together by Kiley/Steve and Rob/Eileen. They chose the upstairs bar at this cool Mexican restaurant in Logan Square called El Cid. It was the perfect place since there was room to spread out, the staff was great, and it was just loud enough that you could talk to people. Friends came and mingled and Kiley and Steve provided personalized pinatas and a beautiful cake while Eileen and Rob provided decorations. I had a great time, and couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.

On another note, it snowed MORE over the weekend. And today it was 42 degrees so there are seriously moats of melted snow one needs to wade through. I got some super precious pink plaid galoshes this weekend, and I was glad for them since any other shoes are hopeless in this slush.