Friday, March 07, 2008

Yeah, I'm a little late to this...
...but I'm such a white person.

(thanks, Don!)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Um: yum.
Oh my god, I love this collection of pictures of amazingly delectable-looking preschool lunch boxes. And they're so cute!

Look at them here.

(via pcjm).

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Can you believe it's March already? Not a whole lot to report, except that at the end of this month I have to grapple with the moving that's fun. Although I'll be moving in with Todd and besides having an excellent person with whom to live, the future place also hosts a washer/dryer and heating and air conditioning. The steam heat I currently have, while economical, is a little spotty at times.

It's also like the season for meetings and reports for me. I've been taking work home regularly for the first time in a long time. If I didn't fool around during work hours all the time, I could probably avoid this, but I almost prefer having that fooling around time and then just sucking it up and writing reports in front of "Project Runway" (the finale is playing right now: my favorite tv night of the year).

One of my little Early Intervention guys is turning three this Saturday, so today was my last session with him. We had fun since at the end of the hour, his mom organized a wee early party for us complete with brownies. The little guy consumed five of them within a seven minute period. Dizzamn. It was nice to get to know that family, though, and I'll miss them. The little guy's seven year old sister called home so she could tell me good-bye. I just finished the 6-month progress report for my other tiny one. It's cool to see the progress that one's made in the past six months. When I started seeing Little Guy #2, he wasn't even requesting "more." The last session, I saw him bring a toy vehicle to his mom and pronounce "Mom, car!" He's also started saying "Shut up" like he's getting paid for it. Nice!

Man, I'm tired. I'm going to bed soon.