Friday, December 05, 2008

Holy Mackerel
It's been a month since the last post! Things have been good: busy at work, three different Thanksgiving feasts, and dealing with the onslaught of the frigid temperatures. Oh, we also got to meet Jackie and Brian's baby, Ethan! He is quite a little cutie and I captured a lervly photo of he and Todd that I need to post once I get to downloading it.

It was seven degrees this morning, which was great. I lost my mittens, but I have Todd's gloves which may be oversized but are effective. I made the mistake one morning of going out without gloves and trying to scrape down my windshield and then I was disabused immediately of the notion that that might be a good idea.

Last night we watched "Wall-E" and I can't stop thinking about how much I loved that movie. I loved that it was a little bit dark and didn't try to kowtow to standard Disney audiences. I loved that Wall-E added a vowel to EVE's name so he produced it like: "Eve-ah" which reminds me of some of the toddlers that I see. I cried a lot at the end. It didn't pass me by that Wall-E looked a lot like that robot in "Short Circuit," though.

We also watched "The Fall of Fuijimori" the other day on Netflix online (thanks, Charles!). It was amazing: I can't believe that all of these huge happenings (and absurdity) was happening in Peru for a decade and I had no idea! Scratch that...I can believe it. Both because I have my head in my ass and that it probably was not detailed thoroughly in our media outlets.

Speaking of toddlers that I see (a couple of paragraphs back), one of them is built like a little football player and I adore him. Seriously, he has no ankles. Last session he reached his arms out to me for a cuddle, so we cuddled while he identified his facial features for me (he got all the main ones). That was a recognized moment of goodness and definitely one of the many benefits to working with two year olds: hugs and kisses.