Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Catching up...
...on the blog posts.
The last weekend in June, we went to Milwaukee with Lauren, Laura and Megan for the purposes of experiencing Summerfest as well as just putzing around the city.
Summerfest was a well run machine: never a wait for bathrooms, the toilets always had toilet paper, and the crowds weren't hard to maneuver (it was no mermaid parade, a la Coney Island.

It was a beautiful view, next to the lake, and a sunny day.

Two most fortuitous events of the weekend: walking by Wang Chung just as about they were about to finish and catching them sing their only two songs I recognize AND having my flip flops break the moment we pulled home.

Todd also shaved his beard that weekend and wore a mustache for the couple of days in Milwaukee. He shaved it on Monday, thankfully.

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